【GMT Insights】Is Rolex Watches Worth The Price?

Rolex is marking its 40th anniversary as a Swiss luxury watches. So is a Rolex watch worth it or not? Well, I am also not sure if i should buy a Rolex or not and I’m really not trying to sell you one. (Although all Rolex watch from our website are sold out since last week)…. I’m really just trying to find out if it’s worth it or not. Why people keep burying this brand ? Some people even  argue that you have to be emotionally prepared to buy a Rolex, others compare it to the equivalent of an engagement ring and in this day and age, it has almost become something like a milestone or a marker of success to own a Rolex.

First of all, i think Rolex are relatively affordable watches.! Yes! I said that and please hear me out! Of course, not everyone can easily spent few thousand dollars on a watch; it’s still consider very expensive and it’s a lot of money. However, if you compare it to the luxury watch market, it’s not all that much. Because of that, it is a safer bet for you if you want to enter the luxury watch market.

The new Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust 31 with a bezel set with 46 brilliant-cut diamonds and an aubergine, sunray-finish dial with a diamond-set VI

Rolex is a known entity in the market with a great track record of quality and consistency. Without a doubt, Rolex has a long standing history. They’re not going to go anywhere in the near future. That being said, if they were to disappear from the surface of the earth, chances are the watch prices would just skyrocket…. as it already does to some previous collection.

Rolex models gonna stay around. They just have slight modifications to the next collection and your watch will not become an outdated piece that no one wants to have in a few years down the line. 

The servicing of Rolex is relatively better and lower comparing to other watches. As you may also know that mechanical watches have to be serviced in order to function properly and precisely over time. For a regular watch you may need to service it about every three to four years. With a Rolex, you can wait probably five or ten years. My father had his watch for over 15 years and he hasn’t serviced it yet and it’s still going strong.

A Rolex watch can be a worthwhile investment. If you choose the right Rolex model, you can maintain or increase the value of it even though you wear it. Generally, it’s a myth that luxury watches are good investments. Rolex watches have proven to really hold their value or even increase over time. So for some reason, in case you need some quick cash, you could always sell your Rolex watch quickly.

So in conclusion, is the Rolex watch worth it? I would say yes, if you enjoy wearing your Rolex and you enjoy looking at it, then it’s definitely a worthwhile investment.